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Новости / The Cyprus-Lebanon Business Forum, St. Raphael Hotel

The Cyprus-Lebanon Business Forum, St. Raphael Hotel

The Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Cyprus Lebanon Business Association organized a Business Forum, which aimed to promoting the bilateral business relations between Cypriot and Lebanese business people. As usual, Property Gallery participated in the forum and showcased its projects within the exhibition.

Around 150 Lebanese business people and investors interested in doing business with and investing in Cyprus, attended the forum, which alongside with the exhibition, they were also open to the general public.

The forum appeared to be a unique opportunity for businesspeople in Cyprus and in Lebanon to demonstrate their products and services to their counterparts and possible investors. It gave us the opportunity to demonstrate our exclusive real estate projects to potential clients and corporate partners in similar fields, and to form long term relationships that can bring mutual success to all parties involved. It was a unique opportunity for businesspeople, both in Cyprus and Lebanon to meet together and exchange valuable information for the future prospects of each country individually. 

We would like to thank both the organizers of the forum but also the participants and visitors. These events can help both of our countries, Cyprus and Lebanon, to thrive economically in the future. We should continue to create such events in both countries and we are proud to announce our personal and corporate involvement in the Cyprus-Lebanon Business Association.