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Новости / Новости / Almaty IEEPE 2017

Almaty IEEPE 2017

The Almaty International Education Immigration and Property Expo showcased education, immigration, and overseas business and real estate investment opportunities.  Brought together in one place, exhibitors used a unique opportunity to tap into their joint potential and gain clients from related industries. The exhibition featured highly topical content and draw in participants from organizations and nations with strong appeal to prospective customers in the host country, and Property Gallery Developers was one of the participants in the event.

IEEPE 2017 stood out for its innovative format, providing a balanced and well-conceived combination of conference and exhibition. Event was attended by exhibitors from 25 countries. 700 visitors registered for Expo, among them were corporate representatives and private individuals.

Held in a workshop format, the event enabled corporate exhibitors to meet prospective clients. Both B2B and B2C visitors took advantage of the benefits of a new online appointment scheduling system, designed to help visitors organize, prioritize, and schedule their time at the conference and exhibition.   

Topics of the Expo were: 

1.    Study abroad opportunities for CIS citizens.
2.    Immigration programs and requirements, temporary and permanent residence permits, employment abroad, residency through investment and international business development opportunities.
3.    Acquisition of properties overseas, citizenship through real estate investment. 
4.    Starting a business abroad, incorporation and opening bank accounts in other countries, auditing and consulting services, tax optimization and legitimization of income.